Lauren Traficanto has the experience and resources to sell fast AND get you more.

What Lauren Can Do For You As a SELLER

Listing your home can be a daunting task. I can make the prep time as seamless as possible. We work with several dependable, reasonably priced contractors to help you prepare getting your home “showing ready.” I will walk the property with you and give you a list of repairs that need to be done to make sure your home sells for top dollar and the least amount of showings. I understand how stressful showings can be when you’re still living in the property so I make sure your property is shown in its best light – which ultimately means less time on the market and less showings to deal with. I will also try our best to get ahead of any inspection items that may potentially harm a deal once under contract. When I walk the property with you, I will point out anything that could cause buyers a second thought at the inspection which in the end, will save sellers the headache of having a deal fall apart over what is typically a small issue. When deals fall apart over small issues that could easily have been avoided and your property has to go back to market, buyers tend to think there’s an issue and it can be harder to sell the second time around. I’ve been through hundreds of closings and know what issues can come up which is why an experienced agent can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Cosmetic Makeovers


To showcase your property in the best way possible and maximize your return on investment, I take an extra step by keeping up with changing buyer preferences. Our constant interaction with buyers allows me to stay informed about the latest trends. If I believe a few cosmetic updates will increase the value of your property, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. From cabinet painting to hardware and lighting changes, or even a simple neutral paint job, we have the expertise to help you make the right choices.

I’ll provide quotes and show you how each improvement will positively impact your bottom line. I’ll assist in selecting finishes and decluttering, and can even introduce you to reliable and affordable service providers. 


I believe that presentation is key when it comes to selling a home, which is why I include the cost of staging homes as part of our comprehensive real estate services. My team of experts will work with you to transform your property into a beautifully presented and inviting space, helping to showcase its full potential to prospective buyers. Whether you need help rearranging furniture, decluttering, or adding a touch of decor, I’ve got you covered. With me, you won’t have to worry about the added expense of staging your home – it’s all included.



Setting the right price for your home is a critical factor in achieving a successful sale. An incorrect price can result in leaving money on the table if too low, or prolonged market times and low offers if too high.

My pricing strategy is based on a thorough analysis of comparable properties in the area and considers any upgrades or improvements made to your property. I approach pricing with the expertise of an appraiser and present you with 5-7 recent comparable sales within the last 12-18 months.

My team’s deep knowledge of the local market ensures that we take into account all the relevant factors that could affect the value of your property, such as the proximity to schools and any changes in the neighborhood. By considering all these factors, I can provide you with the peace of mind that your home is priced competitively in the market.



Our process ensures that your property is showcased in the best light possible. My team of experienced real estate photographers will capture stunning images that highlight the unique features of your property. I pay close attention to details such as attractive light fixtures and intricate woodwork to ensure that buyers are immediately drawn to your property online.

In addition, I will provide an accurate floor plan to give buyers a clear understanding of the layout and flow of your property before they even schedule a showing. This helps to reduce the number of unnecessary showings and saves you time.

My listing strategy is tailored to your specific needs and includes listing your property on the MLS, as well as pre-market options like @properties Coming Soon and Top Agent Network. I work closely with you to determine the best listing price for your property and use pre-market options to gather feedback from other brokers.

My goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. This includes ensuring that everyone is on the same page with regards to open houses, showings, and communication. My team will keep you informed and updated every step of the way.

Condo Associations and Single Family Homes

I provide a questionnaire to ensure that we have the most current information for buyers when listing your condo or single-family home. This includes details on the age of mechanical systems, appliances, and any recent roof or tuck-pointing work. My goal is to provide buyers with complete information upfront to prevent any surprises during the transaction. I obtain information from the condo association or management company if necessary to avoid delays in the closing process. My aim is to save time, energy, and money for sellers by anticipating and avoiding potential issues, resulting in a successful and satisfying experience for both parties.

Type of Property


Whether this is a vacant unit, tenant occupied, or you’re currently living in the property, my experience with how to handle showings makes a difference in the overall experience. I understand that having a plan when it comes to showings can make this process less stressful for everyone involved. When I list tenant occupied properties we’re aware of the showing laws and respect them to the fullest. I sort out a reasonable plan for showings so tenants don’t feel like they’re being bombarded or taken advantage of. I keep in mind that happy tenants make for a much smoother experience when getting to the finish line of a transaction.

If you’re currently living in the property, I will put together a plan for how we will handle showings, open houses, inspections, walk throughs, and appraisals. I always give enough notice and if you can’t accommodate showings, I will figure out a new time and day. We’ve found that over the years, it’s pointless to stress about last minute showings that can’t be accommodated. If a buyer is serious about a property, they will work with us to find a time that works for everyone involved.



When devising a plan for negotiations, I take into account the type of market we’re in and the number of offers we receive. In a multiple offer situation, it’s important to consider factors beyond price, such as the closing date, amount of earnest money, buyer’s financing plan, and timeline for attorney review and inspections. These considerations are crucial to ensuring the best outcome for all parties involved. My team will guide you through the process and provide personalized guidance based on your unique situation to make informed decisions.



At the time of the inspection, I will ensure you are fully prepared. Similar to our listing preparation, I will bring to your attention any potential issues to be addressed before the inspection takes place. Addressing small problems beforehand can prevent them from turning into larger issues that may lead to unreasonable credit requests or even deal cancellations. By taking the necessary steps, I aim to prevent any delays or obstacles in the transaction process.



At the appraisal stage, it’s vital that I accompany the appraiser to the property and provide them with comparable properties and show them any improvements you have made. This is why I request information regarding the age of appliances, mechanics, etc. prior to listing. If your property is a condo, we will make sure the appraiser has all the necessary information from the condo association to ensure a smooth appraisal process.



At the time of closing, I will ensure the new homeowner receives labeled keys and a tidy property to move into. I will arrange for a cleaning service once you have removed your belongings, and for any necessary patching and painting of the walls. In the case of a condominium, I will facilitate an introduction to the HOA board to ensure a smooth transition for the new buyer and provide any necessary move-in forms or restrictions.