From helping you find tenants to spotting great value across the Chicagoland area, we help landlords and investors grow their portfolio.

What Lauren Can Do For You As a Landlord

Finding the right tenants for a rental property can be complex. My team works with landlords across the city to help them find the ideal tenants for their units. Real estate investments are more challenging than stocks as they involve managing actual tenants, but with my 15+ years of experience, I have perfected the process of tenant selection.

I start by effectively marketing your property online with professional photos and floor plans, and providing comprehensive information about the listing, such as application fees, move-in fees, security deposits, pet deposits, and utility inclusions. This helps to minimize confusion and ensure a smooth process.

Before listing your property, I have an in-depth discussion with you about options such as security deposits versus move-in fees, and verify the rent’s inclusions, such as parking and storage. We also discuss your pet policy for potential renters. With my extensive experience, I believe that it is best to research all of these factors beforehand to avoid any confusion.

Applications and Backgrounds


When I find someone that wants to rent your unit, I do an extensive background check on each person applying to live in the unit over the age of 18. We verify employment, current housing, and run full background checks so we know who’s applying to live in your unit. Once the background check is complete, I present you with all the information for you to make the final decision.


Whether you’re a new landlord or have been in the game for 20 years, I am here to help with any questions along the way that may come up, even after the lease has started and your tenant has moved in. I am not an attorney, but can point you in the direction and give the facts we know to help you with most situations that come up. Chicago is a tenant friendly city so it’s best to know your rights as a landlord and be familiar with the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance.

Lease and Other Documents


Upon tenant approval, I furnish them with the latest lease and disclosures in line with the regulations of the City of Chicago. I am knowledgeable about the necessary forms for each unique scenario and ensure compliance with the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance by regularly updating all required documents.